**NEW** FMBs Combi Pro Rug

❗️New Service Available❗️

We are proud to announce that we are now offering FMBs Combi Pro Rug Treatments!

The Combi Pro rug is a dual therapy rug combining powerful Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy with deep massage.

The rug covers the main muscle groups in the horse from poll to tail and is ideal to support performance as part of your warm up routine.

Additionally, it is excellent for horses in rehabilitation, with specific stiffness, injuries (please ask for further details) or can just be used for general maintenance

🔺It Improves muscle tone and overall condition

🔺It Improves flexibility and suppleness

🔺It Improves circulation including blood and tissue oxygenation, nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification

🔺It relaxes muscles, increases blood flow and warms muscles prior to exercise

General maintenance and pre warm up sessions are of 25 minutes duration – £20

Preventative or Rehabilitation sessions are 60 minute duration- £40

A stable will be provided during these sessions or can be incorporated into a day visit

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further info, to book or enquire about availability

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